Web Vitals

https://t3n.de/news/web-vitals-googles-kennzahlen-1276677/ Cumulative Layout Shift‚Visuelle Stabilität‘ 🙂Danke, Google! Jetzt brauche ich nur noch jemanden, der das auf einer Bühne erzählt.

Great Tool: typo3scan

https://github.com/Tuurlijk/typo3scan I use an old ubuntu-laptop running this as standalone application. „This tool scans a folder for any code that is broken or deprecated. It’s a wrapper around the TYPO3 scanner library that has been extracted from the TYPO3 v9 core. You can scan for deprecations and breaking changes for …


„We need another attribute, should we create a new field in the database?“ „No, no, no! There are already so many fields, use an existing one, please.“ „OK…“